Windows Media Encoder

9 Series

Capture and convert video to multiple formats


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Windows Media Player is an app developed by Microsoft for capturing video using the appropriate device and converting it to other formats. Also, if you're an amateur, the program won't cause you any problems because when it starts up there is a guide that will help you figure it out step by step.

The program includes many configuration options for importing images from the capture device that deal with everything from the type of selected device and the video encoding system to choosing the audio format and bit rate.

Regarding the output file, you can establish different settings such as the compression codecs, the bit rate (from 28 Kbps to 1128 Kbps), properties so you can have all the information about the file, and advanced options for correcting deinterlacing to avoid video incompatibility between videos for domestic players and video for PCs.

If what you want is to convert between formats, with Windows Media Encoder you can switch between compression codecs and adapt the video quality to the different quality presets included in the program, which go from DVD quality videos to files for a Pocket PC, or videos for viewing on the Internet.

Lastly, it also offers very useful options for broadcasting both your favorite videos as well as image taken from your webcam.
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